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Alex Tew, Erfinder der milliondollarhomepage.com hat sich in der Financial Times den Fragen der Leser gestellt. Dabei hat er auch klar gemacht, dass eine solche Idee keines Falls ein Selbstläufer ist und mehr als nur Mund zu Mund Propaganda erfordert.

Hier ein Auszug aus: http://www.ft.com/tew/

How much money did you spend initially to get this thing started? It does take a bit of financial injection to keep the popularity up until it reaches a solid, worldwide coverage – so I guess you had a PR agent working for you?
Roman Mittermayr, Vienna, Austria

Alex Tew: My initial outlay was around 50 euros I think; it really didn’t cost much to register the domain name and set up some basic hosting. I then re-invested the first $1,000 I made from selling pixels to my friends and family into sending out a press release in order to create more attention. In October I was approached by a talented publicist in the US, Imal Wagner, who suggested I write a book about my experience. I declined the book idea (mainly because I was too busy) but I hired her to help manage all the media attention and she also helped me create fresh interest in the states, which was in fact the last major country to cover my story. I actually went on a media tour in November to do a round of interviews there, and this directly led to more orders and the whole thing continued to grow. The underlying process was simple: the more attention I created, the more pixels I sold, and the more pixels I sold, the more interest my site received. It was a true snowball effect. I probably spent around $40-50,000 US on promoting and maintaining the site

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